TouchPoint frees you to focus on ministry, not database and software management.  

Where is your data being stored? Look up! Like every smart business today, churches of all sizes are moving to the cloud. TouchPoint provides hosting, support, training, implementation, and development for the BVCMS open-source project.

Hosting and Support

Hosting and Support

You have many options with our software. We think the most efficient, practical and cost-effective option is to let us handle all the details of hosting your database.

TouchPoint provides superior Hosting and Support services that are extremely affordable and hassle-free. Our support staff provides fast response to any user on your database (no limits on staff or lay leaders who can contact us from your church).

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Where is your data?

TouchPoint hosts your data at, the #1 managed cloud company in the world. Your database is backed up every night. In fact, you can even make arrangements to download your own backups whenever you want.

More about our hosting service
  • We have a web farm with multiple servers (currently three) to respond to your requests
  • We have a dedicated database server
  • Each church has their own dedicated database
  • The Data Center is located in Chicago, IL
More about our hardware and systems
  • Our database is a SqlServer 2016 running on a Dell PowerEdge R720, 128 GB Ram, 2 Processors, Six Cores each
  • Our web servers run as multiple Virtual Machines running on a Dell Poweredge 710, Dual Processor, Six Core Hypervisor.
  • All of our Virtual Machine Web Servers run Microsoft's Internet Information Server.
  • Brocade ADX 1000 Load Balancer
  • Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall
Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are paramount with TouchPoint. This is your private database and data. We don't own it. The only people who have access to your data are your own users and your TouchPoint technical support team. We are here to help you succeed, but your own people manage and maintain your data.

Can I host the software myself?

Yes, there are two ways to do that:

  1. We offer a premium support service allowing you to host the BVCMS open source software on your own servers. We provide our normal conversion, training and support service for the most recent version of the software. Contact us for more information about requirements.
  2. You can download the software and build it yourself and have access to our documentation. With this option, we would not be able to provide any support.
Training and Implementation

Training and Implementation

Our training is customizable to your needs. To help limit costs to you, we offer remote webinar-style online training. We can also come on-site to have a more personalized training which is really great for a larger staff. There is extensive online documentation—over 500 pages. Also, there are training videos on our YouTube channel.

TouchPoint will work with you to get your existing data into your new database. We are able to do full conversions of your existing people records, attendance records, and contributions.

More about Training
  • Webinar-style training can be done in hourly or half-day segments
  • We can spread training out over several weeks and months, concentrating on critical weekly tasks at first, then progressing to more advanced topics while building on previously-learned material
  • For ministry-specific tasks, we can work with teams separately when appropriate
  • We offer hourly screen-sharing sessions for specific tasks when expert advice is required
More about Conversions

Our conversions are done in an iterative process over several weeks. This involves receiving your data, converting it, and pushing it to the cloud for you to review. We repeat these steps until you are satisfied with the results, tweaking things at each cycle to make for a smooth conversion. We want you to be confident in your data.

  • For a small church, our InsertPeople spreadsheet format allows you to quickly get your people populated into your new database
  • For churches coming from an existing Church Management System, we can work with your data to get it converted into your database
  • We convert People records, Contributions, Small Groups, Organizations, Ministry notes, and Attendance
  • We can find a place for any data you have that is important to you
  • No one knows your database better than your own people, so they become our knowledge source for how to best interpret your data
Software Development

Software Development

TouchPoint is in continuous development of the BVCMS open-source project. Our agile development process allows us to publish updates, sometimes several times a week. You do not have to wait months for the next release. You always have the latest features. We have a very experienced and talented development staff.

Because our code is Open Source (hosted at, all our work is done in the public eye. You will be able to see our pace of development and what we are working on. The latest software will always be available as an open source project, free to download and use.

More about development
  • We have two full-time developers and multiple contract developers to build sponsored projects
  • We utilize other Open Source projects and libraries with no dependencies on proprietary code
  • We have optional integrations with Twilio (texting), Protect My Ministry, and QuickBooks
  • We also have online payment gateway integrations with Sage Payments, TransNational Corporation, and Authorize.Net
  • We manage our own servers and operations for publishing updates
  • We practice Continuous Delivery and agile methodology
  • Our development environment is varied, with most of our server work done with Microsoft tools: Visual Studio, Windows Servers, IIS, and SqlServer databases
  • Our language and framework expertise includes C#, Javascript, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, TSQL, HTML, Python, CSS, Bootstrap, Regular Expressions, PowerShell, Objective C, Java and more
Can I get involved with development?

Certainly. We recommend that you first be involved with a church using TouchPoint and understand how the program is designed to work in real ministry situations.

Process to become a developer/contributor to the Open Source project:

  • Download the software from our GitHub repository and get it up and running in your own development environment, in your own sandbox
  • Next, make arrangements with us to have access to your own church's nightly backups
  • After this, you would be prepared to 1) know what would be helpful to your church's ministry, 2) have access to near real-time data, 3) test and design whatever report or other functionality you want, 4) and collaborate with us on a pull request into the BVCMS repository
  • We offer guidance and help for serious, professional developers for an hourly fee on an as-available basis
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