LEAH DAVENPORT • Nov 17, 2017

You want to use data analysis to help you make informed decisions about your church. Church leaders today have the opportunity to apply God-given wisdom to a wealth of new knowledge about what individuals value, how they behave, and what drives them to commit to something bigger and more important than themselves.

Most church leaders don’t have a background in data analytics — but that shouldn’t be a barrier to using this information to strengthen your ministry.

In this roundtable-style webinar with Redeemer Presbyterian NYC, we explore practical ways that churches can leverage the data to deepen engagement with church members, enhance discipleship, and make better, more informed decisions for the future of their ministry.

You’ll learn…

  • What it looks like to be a data-driven church
  • How to listen to your church and use data-based feedback to make important decisions
  • How to break through old models of thinking and more effectively serve your church body