Dec 04, 2023

The next release is scheduled to be deployed Wednesday night, December 6. This includes new features and updates to existing features.

  • Check-In Add Family Form – We have added two enhancements to the Add Family form when using Check-In.
    • The Date of Birth field is now a text entry field that only allows entering numbers (no dashes or forward slashes needed) in order to make entering birth dates faster than using the previous date picker.
    • There is now a Cancel button when adding a child in case you accidentally click the Add Child button too many times.
  • Mass Background Checks/Trainings – It is now possible to run background checks and/or Ministry Safe trainings in mass from the blue toolbar. If you have a saved search that identifies who needs a check or training, now you can send this to all people at one time instead of individually.
  • NEW Emergency Contact Flag – A new flag can be displayed at the top of a person’s record when he or she has an emergency contact set on his or her record. To turn this on, navigate to Admin > Settings > Features > Status Flags and set Badge For Emergency Contact to True. You can configure the color of the badge using the Badge Color Emergency Contact setting. 
  • TouchPoint Giving Reports – The following reports are now available exclusively for church partners using the TouchPoint Giving payment gateway. Note: links to these reports will only show in the new navigation menu. 
    • First Time Giving Report – Identify those who have contributed to your church for the first time.
    • Increased Giving by Range Report – Compares two date ranges to see those whose giving has increased.
    • Decreased Giving by Range Report – Compares two date ranges to see those whose giving has decreased.
  • Mass Creation and Deletion of Users – It is now possible to mass create MyData users and add a random password for them. This process can be exported for a mail merge if you wanted to mail users account information. You can then search for accounts that have not logged in during the specified time and delete them in mass.
  • Miscellaneous
    • SMS Replacement Codes – Additional replacement codes have been added when sending SMS messages. A full list of replacement codes can be found in our documentation.
    • eSPACE Integration – Enhancements have been made to the eSPACE integration to pull in events to TouchPoint so that they can be synced with your TouchPoint Sites website calendar widget.
    • Involvement Export – The Involvement export/import tool now supports updating extra value of all types.
    • Involvement Creation – It is now possible to limit who has access to create new Involvements based on roles.
  • Several settings and API updates to support Mobile 3.0 as well as a various bug fixes were included in the release.