At TouchPoint Software, we desire to foster meaningful connections within church communities through advanced technology solutions. Our focus is on creating tools that not only manage church operations effectively but also strengthen the bonds within your church family. 

Enhance Engagement with TouchPoint Giving 

A key feature of our church management system is TouchPoint Giving, designed to equip church staff and lay leaders with meaningful information. With features that allow church leaders to see donation trends and identify decreases in giving, TouchPoint Giving is essential for identifying if churchgoers are beginning to disengage. Changes in giving are oftentimes an indicator of underlying challenges. We have created tools to identify when important conversations are needed.

Preventing Disengagement 

Our system ensures that no member of your community falls through the cracks. The Decreased Giving report is specific for our church partners using TouchPoint Giving and allows you to identify those whose donations have decreased within a specified period of time. Leaders can quickly identify members who might be facing challenges. These people may need support the most from their church family.

Seamless Integration Across Platforms 

As highlighted in our recent webinar, our system provides seamless updates across your church database, website, and mobile app. This integration ensures that all parts of your church’s digital presence are synchronized, enhancing the overall user experience and giving a detailed picture of community and individual engagement. 

Join Us in Our Mission 

We are committed to partnering in your church’s mission by providing tools that encourage meaningful interactions and aid in spiritual and community growth for God’s Kingdom.  

Next Steps 

Not sure where to start on setting up and measuring engagement? Our consultants can help. Contact someone from our amazing team to kickstart engagement monitoring. 

Enhancing Communication with Custom Backgrounds

Immediate Updates: The ability to swiftly communicate new events or last-minute changes is crucial for any active church community. Customized Check-In backgrounds serve as a direct communication channel, ensuring that everyone from parents to volunteers is immediately aware of any updates as they check in.

Engagement and Visibility: Custom backgrounds can highlight upcoming events, schedule changes, or important announcements, making sure they catch the eye of your community members. This not only boosts engagement but also ensures that critical information is not missed.

Consistency in Branding: Every background can be tailored to include your church’s branding elements, such as logos and color schemes. This consistency reinforces your church’s identity and makes every piece of communication instantly recognizable.

How It Works

TouchPoint Software makes it easy to implement customized Check-In backgrounds that keep your community informed and engaged:

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to transform how your church communicates during the check-in process? If you’re interested in leveraging custom background templates to distribute information effectively, click here to set up an appointment.

Our commitment at TouchPoint Software is to enhance the operational efficiency and communication clarity of partner churches. Custom Check-In Profile backgrounds are just one of the many tools we provide to support your church’s growth and ensure that every interaction within your community is impactful and informative. Contact us today to see how our solutions can help streamline your church communications.

Our consulting team is ready to support you in getting this started; this requires one hour per background. You can set up an appointment with our friendly and amazing team here.

Replay Our Latest Roundtable Event

We recently wrapped up a fantastic roundtable discussion led by Andrew and Cody from our Consulting team. The event was filled with conversations and invaluable insights for enhancing ministry operations. If you missed out, don’t worry! You can catch up on all the details by accessing the recording here.

Save the Date: Upcoming Roundtable on Tuesday, May 21st at 2 PM CST

Following the success of our previous event, we’re thrilled to invite you to our next roundtable, which will focus on a crucial topic for growth: Engagement Management. Join Andrew and Cody on May 21st at 2 PM CST for a deep dive into how TouchPoint’s Engagement Scores are supporting your ministry.

Event Details:

Topic: Managing Engagement
When: Tuesday, May 21st, 2 PM CST
Registration: Register Here
Seats Available: 40 spots only

Why Should You Attend?

Managing engagement using TouchPoint’s Engagement Scores is more than just about numbers. The scores reflect your church’s health and vibrancy. This roundtable will offer practical strategies for utilizing these scores to boost participation and connection within your community. Hear firsthand from other churches that have seen tangible benefits from focusing on engagement.

Limited Seats – Register Early!

With only 40 spots available, this intimate setting ensures everyone can contribute and gain maximum value. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your ministry. Reserve your seat early to avoid disappointment!

Connect, Learn, and Grow with Us

We are eager to gather again and share actionable insights that can help you strengthen your church community. This roundtable is perfect for anyone eager to learn more about engagement and its impact on church growth.

Stay Up to Date

Keep an eye on our blog and subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on our events. We’re excited to offer resources that help you make a bigger impact in your community.

We can’t wait to meet you online on May 21st. Let’s explore how high engagement can lead to a thriving church community!

Exciting news from TouchPoint Software – our training site is undergoing a transformation, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store! With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, we’re introducing a wave of updates to make learning our church management software both easy and enjoyable. To this end, we are excited to announce our new training video library found at

Introducing Carla and the Blue Tiles 

Meet the newest addition to our team, Carla, who’s spearheading the creation of fresh, easy-to-follow training videos. Look for the blue tiles on our training site; these videos are the latest to be updated and are designed to be easy to follow and include all the latest updates. We are hard at work updating the whole library. 

Fast Track Your Learning with Chapter Select 

Need specific info fast? Our videos now feature Chapter Select, allowing you to jump directly to the content you need. It’s all about getting you the right information right when you need it. 

Navigate with Ease 

Videos are organized into series. Check out our new “How To” series for shorter videos focused on helping you learn one quick item.  We will continue to create new videos for this series based on common questions we receive via Support. 

Your Input Matters 

This is a work in progress, and your feedback is crucial. If there’s a video you need or have a question about, reach out to us at Let’s make this training site perfect together. 

Keep in the Loop 

We encourage our Partner Churches to bookmark our evolving training site and share it with your teams. It’s a valuable resource for everyone, designed to make your TouchPoint journey smoother. 

Let’s Grow Together 

Our training site revamp is just one of the ways we’re committed to making church management simple and efficient. Dive in today and join us in this exciting journey of learning and growth with TouchPoint Software. Together, we’re stronger.