We are trying out UserVoice as our primary means of handling support requests. Support@bvcms.com will also be forwarded to this same service. So, now you see the orange Feedback and Support on your bvcms.com site. The next time you need some help, instead of clicking Help, Email Support, just click on that orange widget. A dialog box will popup and allow you to enter your request. This will create a ticket, and we will be notified immediately as before. Also, a automated reply will be sent to you right away to let you know that we have received your request and will get back to you as quickly as we can.

We will respond as before. But as we build up a knowledge base of responses, you will see suggested answers to your questions as you type. Click on one of those and if it helps, great! otherwise if it does not address your issue, just continue to ask your question. For now, you will need to be careful to put in a good email address so we can respond back to you. If we like this service, (I already like it myself!), then we will make it so that it will automatically know who you are and pre-populate your address.

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  1. Doug Bouws
    Doug Bouws says:

    Glad to see this! A knowledge base of Q and A’s is a great addition. Does this lead in the direction of user forums at some point down the road? I’d love to be able to ping the user base with ideas for how folks are using the system, etc. Maybe user base has to grow before this will be helpful.

    • David
      David says:

      We are abandoning UserVoice (see the latest blog post re that). But we do want to provide some sort of user forum and will be looking at that soon. We have tried to setup a Facebook Admin’s group, but it never caught on.


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