No more volunteers getting double-booked and not being there when you expect (and need) them! We now have features in place for not only the person managing the Volunteer Calendar, but also for the volunteer himself to see at a glance where they have conflicts.

The Volunteer Calendar indicates people and time slots with conflicts, as does the Meetings tab and, or course, the individual meeting page itself. For the volunteer (or anyone that can view that person’s people record), all he has to do is click on his Involvement tab, then select Attendance and Show Future Meetings. Those meetings with conflicts will be shaded in red – showing both sides of the conflicts. From there, just decide which commitment should be eliminated. Perhaps the volunteer should just request a substitute, if the conflict is just for one or two times. If there are a bunch of conflicts, he can use his Manage Commitments page. Or the person managing the calendars may want to handle those conflicts.

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  1. Heath Kouns
    Heath Kouns says:

    AWESOME!!! I love this feature and have hoped that it would be added for quite some time. I think this will be very useful for volunteers and coordinators alike. The only addition I would like to see is to add a link to the Manage Commitments page next to each organization (or somewhere on the row) when a person goes to Involvement >> Attendance >> Show Future Meetings. That way when the volunteer observes a conflict, they can directly go to the page to manage their commitments or request a sub.

    Thanks again… Great Work.


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