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A Word about Online Giving

WordToTheWiseWe recently changed the message that we present to donors when they attempt to make a second donation for the same amount within a few minutes of each other. You may never have encountered this message. But, since you are a user, we want you to be informed.

As a safeguard, most merchant providers (those companies that process your online giving and online registration fees) have a window of time built in during which they will not accept gifts from the same person for the same amount. The usual time frame is 20 minutes. They assume that the second gift is a duplicate (a mistake), so they just will not allow it.

This is the message the donor will see. We think it states the issue very clearly.

Thank you for your gift! Our records indicate that you recently submitted a gift in this amount a short while ago. As a safeguard against duplicate transactions we recommend that you either wait 20 minutes, or modify the amount of this gift by a small amount so that it does not appear as a duplicate. Thank you.

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