2016-10-14_18-15-16Last month our friends at Hunter St Baptist Church in Alabama sponsored 2 new SQL reports. We created them and added the recipes to our documentation. They are Attendance Change for Orgs and a companion report named Attendance Change Detail for Orgs.

Both reports are run from the Organization > Search page after you filter for a set of organizations. You will be asked to specify a date range. The Change report looks back the same number of days preceding the date range you specified and will list everyone that was enrolled and give their attendance percentage for the date range your entered as well as the date range preceding that. Then it indicates the percent of increase or decrease, whether they have stopped coming altogether, if there was no change, or that they just started attending.

The companion report, the Change Detail report will give you all the necessary details that were used to compute the Attendance Change report. You can see each individual, each meeting date for the org, and wether or not the person attended that meeting.

If these reports sound interesting to you, have your System Admin add them to your database. Note: because these are resource intensive, we recommend that when you create them (copy and paste the recipes), you leave the line of code that restricts them so only an Admin can run them. You would not want multiple users running these at the same time on your database!

Read more…about Attendance Change for Orgs

Read more…about Attendance Change Detail for Orgs

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