We just completed this new Monthly Giving Analysis Report, which is a SQL recipe, so you can easily add it to your database if you are interested in it. The report is run from the Totals by Fund Report page and appears as an option under Other Reports. It returns a monthly total giving for Primary Adults and combines their giving. The report also includes the Last Gift Date and the Last Attended Date that was within the date range selected.

The report will combine all funds. However, if you have created Custom Fund Sets, you can select one of the sets and the report will run for just the fund(s) included in the specified set. Like most reports, you also have the option to download it to Excel.

This is a great way to analyze month by month giving. If this sounds interesting to you or you’d like to see a sample, check it out.

Thank you for Mount Pisgah UMC for sponsoring this report.

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