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TIP: Add or Update Extra Values in Bulk

Extra Values are just what they say they are – something ‘extra’ that adds ‘value’. TouchPoint displays these on people records and on organizations. But did you know that you can update existing Standard Extra Values from the blue Toolbar? You can. You can also create new Ad Hoc Extra Values there as well. This is a great time-saver. Imagine updating the records of 40 people with just one action instead of going to 40 different people records and performing that action for each person! Yeah, I like the first option, too.

Example Use Case:

You have a Standard Extra Value to record when a person completes all the multiple required classes for membership. You create a saved search to find everyone that has attended all the meetings. That gives you the list of those needing to have that Extra Value updated to ‘true’.

You can, of course, click on each person in turn and go to Profile > Extra Values and click the box to make that value ‘true’.

Or, you can select Add Extra Values from the toolbar (it’s under the gear icon), select the Type of EV, enter the exact name of the Extra Value, and then enter the value and click Save. Voila! That will update that Standard Extra Value on the records of everyone in your search at one time.

You must be exact when you do this – meaning, you need to know what type of EV and the exact name – so you should take a look at the help article that explains what you need to know in order to be successful using this batch process. Also, there is some specific information you need to know if you are updating the check box type of Extra Values. So take a couple of minutes and read up on this. It is not a time-saver if you do it incorrectly.

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