KATIE WILSON • Jan 06, 2023

Happy New Year!

If you couldn’t catch the webinar live, check out December’s Fireside to get a recap of 2022 as well as a peek into 2023. Members of the TouchPoint leadership team passed the mic to share exciting TouchPoint developments in the works. Some of which have not been mentioned until the webinar! Mobile App 3.0 has been highly anticipated and we are taking it to Beta with a couple of churches soon. If you’re interested in seeing a peek into its design, make sure you watch all the way through and check out the end of this blog post for some links to other announcements mentioned during the Fireside.

Watch the webinar replay here:

As Morgan mentioned, we now have a user community on Discord!

Sign up here if you would like to join.

And Finally, TouchPoint Summit 2023 registration is LIVE! Check out our website to learn more and to register with early bird pricing through the end of the month.

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