Jun 08, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of Phase 1 of our financial enhancements, scheduled to be released on June 19. TouchPoint bundles will now be called batches. With this name change comes a new Batch Search page with filters and a much easier way to enter batch information. Batches are found under Finance >  Search  >  Batches in the new navigation menu.

Pledges will no longer be entered with the contribution batches, but now have a dedicated Pledges management page with built-in reporting.

Additionally, we have standardized Account Codes through a new lookup code page under Finance > Setup. There are new articles and updates to existing articles to support the changes.

In case you missed the webinar where we preview these changes you can watch it here. We also put together a helpful Finance FAQs page or for more information about these new changes and the following documentation articles have all been updated Contribution BatchReconciling BatchesHow Pledges are Entered, and Pledge Reporting.