Chris.Dolan • Apr 18, 2022

We are scheduled to push updates to our main web application tomoritem tonight. This release mainly includes “behind-the-scenes” updates to support the next mobile app release, beta features, and new features that are in development that will not be visible (this allows us to further test in a production environment). You can read more about everything that is being deployed below:

1. Process Builder & Automations Tool – That’s right! We are making great progress on this tool and this deployment lays the foundation for many new features that are to come.
2. Check-Out – This new functionality is very close to being live and this release includes a few updates to labels and the APIs to support the new work. Watch for updates in the blog in the coming weeks for an announcement of when this is live.
3. One Page Forms – This new registration form is very close to being in beta. Stay tuned!
4. Volunteer Scheduler (beta) Updates – The scheduler tool is in beta and this update fixes a few bugs that have been reported and adds some enhancements based on feedback we’ve received. A special thank you to our beta churches for helping us make this tool the best it can be.
5. Mobile Registrations Changes – The API that powers registrations in the mobile app has been updated to support the enhancements that are coming in our next mobile app update. See the NEEDS ATTENTION: Registrations In The Mobile App! blog post that covers what you need to do if you’re using registrations in the mobile app and how these are about to get a lot better.
6. New Labels – A few new Check-In label options have been added for all churches. Watch out for a blog with more details.
7. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes – Several small bugs have been fixed as part of this release. If you have previously contacted support about any of these issues you will be notified.