Jan 11, 2024

The next release is scheduled to be deployed Monday night, January 15th. This includes new features and updates to existing features.

Powered By Text Integration Updates

  • Support for MMS – users will now be able to send MMS texts (texts with photos and videos) directly from TouchPoint instead of needing to log into their PBT account.
  • Sending to a whole group – if you’d like to send to all subscribers to a PBT group (including numbers who are not associated to a record yet in TouchPoint), you can now do that directly within TouchPoint.
  • All references to PBT’s old name have been updated to reflect their new name.
  • Several small tweaks to the setup process have been enhanced to make setup even easier.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • You can now run a custom export on the Pledge Management page.
  • The source of the pledge (online vs. manual) has been added to the export so that finance users can see where the pledge originated.
  • Updates were made to reCAPTCHA to be added to the Prayer page and new Request Account Deletion page. Additional tweaks were made to ensure all legitimate registrations and gifts are able to be processed.
  • The {firstorjoint} replacement code is now supported via SMS.
  • When building a custom report, we’ve made it super easy to add that report to the new navigation menu and select the appropriate location (menu and column).
  • Social Security Number is now required when submitting a background check via the Submit with PII option.
  • Users with the Manager or Manager2 roles can now see the Duplicates Finder and Results options on the new menu.

Mobile App 3.0

  • Several settings and API updates to support the new app.

Other small bug fixes and tweaks were included in the release. For more information about the updates in this release, please check the help documentation Tuesday morning.