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2016-09-19_07-56-49Some of you have noticed a new warning message when you try to send an email via TouchPoint. We have 2 new messages: 1) when you have an embedded image that will make the email too large; and 2) when you are using Grammarly. Each warning message has a link to more information about that specific problem.

We are giving you the warning so you can edit your email so it will not have problems when sent. With Grammarly (which we have blogged about before), a lot of extra code is added to your email and causes all sorts of problems. You do not see this code unless you view the Source. With images, sometimes you do not realize how large that image will make your email...until your email takes forever to send. So, we are heading these problems off at the pass.

You may see the warning even if you are not using Grammarly. That will happen if the person that created or edited your template was using Grammarly at the time they created it. In these cases, you will need that person to recreate the template with Grammarly turned off.

An email must be less than 400,000 bytes. These new warning will help you make sure yours are smaller than that before you try to send them.

Read more about emailing images.


If you click the Source button in the email body, you will see data.image somewhere in your email if you have a pasted image that is too large.If you see btn_Grammarly that indicates that either you had Grammarly turned on while editing your email or the person that created the template used Grammarly when creating the template.


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