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Most churches nowadays have a Facebook page. Here is a great tip for making the most of Facebook when you have a special event coming up!

You can purchase a Facebook ad for a special event that has a registration and embed a pixel (that you get from Facebook) in your TouchPoint Online Registration. This lets you track how many people click on your ad, and even better, how many people actually go further and register for the event through that Facebook ad.

Our church just did this for our VBS registration. We reached several thousand people in our area with that ad, and we saw 78 people register via the ad. Those cost us only about 83 cents per person. That's a fairly small price to pay when you consider that these could be people that otherwise might not have known about our VBS - which is where most children come to know Jesus.

I'm not trying to persuade you to use Facebook. I'm just saying that if you use it, you might want to take advantage of this TouchPoint feature (called a Confirmation Tracking Code) that pairs with Facebook.


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