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New ImageWe recently made a change to how these notices are generated in order to give you more choices regarding the look and available content for this email. Previously, this notice was basically intended to let the donor know that his recurring gift had processed that morning and it displayed only the total amount of the gift that was processed.

Now, with this new change you can make this email look like the confirmation the donor receives after setting up or managing his recurring giving. By that, I mean that you can include replacement codes so the donor see the exact breakdown of his donation by fund.

These types of email notices are stored in Special Content > HTML Content on your database, and this specific notice is named RecurringGiftNotice. If your database already has this notice in Special Content, you can just edit it. Otherwise, you will create a new file.

Thank you to Redeemer Presbyterian in New York for sponsoring this project.

Read see how to easily create or modify this notice.

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