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A few enhancements have been made to Search Builder. Some are behind-the-scenes improvements, but there are a couple of new features you should know about. If you are new to Search Builder or simply need to refresh your understanding, read our article on Basic Search Builder Searches. Then read on to learn about the enhancements.

A great new addition, useful for creating and troubleshooting queries, is the Disable Condition feature. Select this from a condition’s gear icon menu to temporarily disable the condition. The condition and its settings remain available but, while disabled, are not used to calculate results. This allows you to quickly compare results with and without the condition. For more, see the article on Search Builder Facts and Tips.

The other enhancement is a new Group condition. The option to Match Not All completes the existing set of Group conditions. With this, matches are found when at least one of the conditions in the group is false. You likely won’t use this often. But what you should know is this: It is the opposite of the Match All group condition. Use it to find everyone who is not included in a Match All group. For a more complete description, see the article Using Groups in Search Builder. Happy searching!

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