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You may have noticed that the Email tab on people records has been renamed to Communications. This is a small indicator of big changes. Recipients of SMS messages sent from TouchPoint can now reply! Along with that, we have added the following features:

  • Reply Words - When recipients reply with a keyword, an action is triggered. These reply words can be configured for each of your Twilio groups. For example, using reply words, text recipients can join an organization, RSVP for a meeting, receive a link to download your mobile app, and much more.
  • Updates to the Twilio settings page - You can designate who in your Twilio group will receive emails about replies to SMS messages.
  • Enhancements to the SMS Messages page - There are now three tabs. In addition to a log of sent SMS messages, there is a tab for Received, and another for setting up the Reply Words for each group. There are additional filters on these pages as well.
  • Expanded Communications tab - Sent and received SMS messages can also be viewed on the newly-named Communications tab on each person’s record. 

Additional enhancements will be introduced in the coming weeks. To learn more, including what changes you need to make in your Twilio account in order to receive replies, read here.

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