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This week we have added five(!) new widgets.

The Attendance Year over Year widget shows historical attendance for selected divisions by means of a line graph. You can compare the current year with the previous two years, each represented by a color-coded line. Read more here.

The Division Comparison widget allows you to compare the attendance of two divisions, with the first division’s attendance shown as a percentage of the second division’s. Alternatively, a division’s attendance can be compared with a fixed number. For example, you can show attendance as a percentage of a goal (target attendance) or show worship attendance as a percentage of the seating capacity of your sanctuary. The widget displays a line graph showing the past twelve-week period compared with the same period in the previous two years. For help configuring this widget, read here.

The Giving to Budget Comparison widget is one of the most eye-catching. It displays a circular gauge that gives a visual indication of how nearly your church is on track for the budget of a specific fund. Accompanying text indicates:

  • The total amount given to the fund year-to-date
  • The budget amount year-to-date
  • How much has been given over or under budget 
  • The weekly average given year-to-date
  • The amount given the last seven days

Read here for more information.

The Giving Type Breakdown widget displays a bar chart showing the past eight weeks of different giving types, specified on the basis of bundle types. The various giving types are indicated by a color-keyed section of the bar. Hover over the section to see the amount for that date. For setup information, read here.

The Recent Attendance Trends widget offers a line graph that shows attendance for selected divisions using color-coded lines. The beginning date can be specified as well as the interval (in days) between points in the line. For example, the graph can be configured to show weekly attendance (every seven days) or monthly attendance (every thirty days). Read more about this widget here.

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