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TouchPoint Virtual Summit | September 17, 2020

You’re going to jump with joy (okay… maybe that’s just us) when you check out the session topics our team has assembled for TouchPoint Virtual Summit.

New Features

Enhancements for Email: Cloning and File Uploads

Big improvement! We know that email is one of the most vital tools in TouchPoint and are always working to give you more flexibility and functionality. Read more.

Improved Management of Standard Extra Values

It’s now easier than ever to manage standard extra values. A new editing window allows you to rename, sort extra values in their current location, or move them to a new location. Read more.

Business/Entity Records

Business or entity records can now be created in TouchPoint. The records will have a Business Name rather than a First and Last Name and will display only the fields relevant to a business or other entity. Read more.

Tips & Tricks

By now, you’ve probably heard us excitedly talking about Widgets in webinars and blog posts. So what are Widgets anyway?

A Widget is a homepage app that displays data in a graph or chart, giving your church staff customized analytics in seconds. You can edit, rearrange, enable and disable, and even create your own Widgets! We have nearly 20 Widgets available, with new ones being introduced often. 

What Widgets are available now? 

System Admins can go to the Administration Menu > Setup > Homepage Widgets to view and manage the list. Others have full access to this list in our documentation. Check back often or subscribe to our blog posts to be in the loop each time a new Widget is released!

Who can see the Widgets?

Widgets are available to your church staff (those not restricted by OrgLeadersOnly or MyData roles). You can easily control who sees which Widget and how often the data refreshes. 

How do I make changes to the Widgets?

Widgets use a combination of HTML, SQL, and Python scripts to render the data in a pleasing way. Your System Admin can modify the supporting scripts to customize the data that displays for your church. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a developer to make changes! We’ve made it easy to make these small edits that will customize the Widgets for your teams. Be sure to check out the help articles for the Individual Widgets to see step-by-step instructions on how to customize the Widgets. 

Want more help with your Widgets?

Email Consulting@TouchPointSoftware.com for one-on-one help with personalizing your homepage using Widgets. Click here to learn more about Consulting.

Love us? Refer us!

We are grateful for your partnership. Because our clients are often our biggest champions, TouchPoint wants to say thank you in a BIG way!

Introducing the TouchPoint Referral Program

We understand the value of word-of-mouth advertising. We appreciate so much the positive feedback you give to churches looking to make their Church Management System the best it can be. Now, your church can directly benefit by making those connections for TouchPoint!

When you refer your peers to TouchPoint, you’re not only helping us serve more churches with what we believe is the most comprehensive enterprise solution on the market; you are also helping us accelerate the development of new enhancements. As you’ve seen, we all benefit from one church’s initiative to build upon our platform, which is shared by all. But there’s more!

We want your church to benefit from the connections you make for TouchPoint. We are offering a credit on your account OR a direct donation to your organization, totaling 25% of first year subscription revenue by these new clients.

This program is scheduled to conclude on December 31, 2020. There is no maximum number of referrals you can submit. 

Email us to learn more.

Terms and conditions apply.

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