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We have added new features that will allow you to further customize what is displayed when viewing someone’s profile. New custom access role settings allow you to hide even more tabs and sections. A new translations file allows you to change the name of several tabs and database fields.

New Custom Access Role Settings

Settings are now available to hide the Documents tab (Profile > Documents), hide the “Member Profile” label on the Profile > Member tab, and hide the following sections on the Profile > Member tab:

  • Church Membership
  • Decision
  • Letter Status
  • Baptism
  • New Member Class
  • Drop

Additionally, changed settings are now highlighted, making it much easier to see which roles have been modified. You can read more about these new settings, or about Custom Access Roles in general, here.

Translation File

The new translation file allows you to change the names of several tabs and database fields. In the file, you map the default label to the new label of your choice. To read more about the translation file, including a couple of examples, see here.

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