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In case you were not able to join us last week at our Virtual TouchPoint Summit, we are excited to announce some changes coming to registration questions! Since these changes will be published this week we wanted to give you a quick heads up on what to expect.

What’s New?

The process for creating new questions on an Organizations Registration > Questions tab has a whole new look and some new features. Here’s what to expect:

  • Simplified, sleeker design on the page and for each individual question type

  • Add Questions panel reorganized to delineate between Free Form and Standardized Questions

  • New design types: Divider, Instruction Highlighted, and Instruction Plain
  • New question types: Radio Buttons and Single Line Answers (formerly Extra Question)
  • Set individual questions to required/not required and enable/disable questions as needed.

  • New preview button allows you to see a live version of your form.

  • Questions have a cleaner layout for registrants, especially on mobile.

When will it be available?

This update will go live this week. We will release another post on the TouchPoint Blog when it is live.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Nothing! Once this feature is released you will see the updated interface on all registration organizations. 

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