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We are excited to announce the release of our new and greatly improved version of online giving & pledging. The primary features of this new release have been previously announced and are outlined in the article Online Giving Overview. The video below highlights those new features.


Information about how to configure the new Giving Pages can be found in the article Online Giving Setup. You can begin immediately with the steps for setting up your new Giving Pages. The video below offers a walk through of the steps.


Once your pages have been set up, any new admin settings applied, emails configured & customized, and your shell has been applied, these pages are ready to be tested and used *internally. It is recommended to not share the new giving pages externally until you migrate existing donors (see below for more info) so that donors with existing recurring gifts only need to go to one place to manage their giving.

*Next week we will make available a simple automated process for migrating your existing recurring giving schedules and existing saved payment methods to the new format. Watch the blog for this IMPORTANT last step. 

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