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Effective tonight (November 11), a few giving-related Search Builder conditions will be changing due to the underlying database modifications that support the new giving pages. These conditions are:

  • Recent Has Failed Recurring Giving
  • Has Managed Giving
  • Managed Giving with Credit Card
  • Credit Card Expiration
  • Recent Managed Giving

What this means for you

The changes to these search conditions will allow them to work correctly for churches that have migrated to the new giving pages. Conversely, these conditions will no longer work for churches that have not yet migrated to the new giving platform.

Migration Aids

For an overview of the new giving platform and its benefits, see the help article Online Giving Overview and the video below.


For directions to configure the new giving pages, see the help article Online Giving Setup and the video below.


For instructions on how to migrate to the new giving platform, see the help article Migrating to the New Online Giving Pages and the video below.


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