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Thursday night we will be rolling out an enhancement to adjust times in TouchPoint to your church’s local time zone. If you have the administration setting TZOffset configured, your local time zone will be automatically set based on that. 

After this is released, the following will be in your local time zone:

  • Meeting and Attendance times
  • Scheduled times for emails and SMS messages
  • Timestamps for online transactions and contributions
  • Timestamps for org enrollments
  • Registration start and end times
  • Timestamps in the Activity Log

Please note that this does not mean that times you have entered (for schedules, meeting, etc.) will be changed. They will stay the same. However they will no longer be treated as Central Time, but as your local time.

After this change, the setting TZOffset will no longer be needed. The new setting LocalTimeZone will replace it and will control all the additional times noted above. This new setting will be found at Administration > Setting, on the System tab and in the Administration section.

What this means for you

As previously stated, during the change Thursday night your LocalTimeZone setting will be configured based on your current TZOffset, which can be found on the Features tab and in the Check-In section. If you are not in the Central Time zone and have not configured this setting, you can manually configure the LocalTimeZone setting later.

Two areas that may need your careful attention if you are not in the Central Time zone:

  • Emails and SMS messages that have been scheduled will be sent based on your local time zone. So if you have scheduled them, adjusting to Central Time, you may need to reschedule them for your local time.
  • Similarly, if you have adjusted the scheduled times of classes and other groups, offsetting to Central Time, so that attendance reminders are sent at the right time for your group leaders, those adjustments are no longer necessary.

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