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Search conditions related to the old Tasks and Contacts have been temporarily enabled for the month of November. This is so you can update any saved searches using those old conditions with the new search conditions for Tasks & Notes. The restored conditions are:

  • Days Since Last Contact
  • Recent Contact Ministry
  • Recent Contact Type
  • Recent Contact Reason
  • Made Contact Type As Of
  • Has Contacts
  • Family Has Contacts
  • Contact Recipients
  • Contact Makers

If you have several saved searches using one or more of these conditions and do not have the staff resources to update them before the end of the month, you can document them and revise them as time permits. To document a saved search, an admin can run the saved search and then click View Code. Copy the code and paste it into a document along with the name of the saved search.

These search conditions will be removed again on December 1, so please update your saved searches (or document what will need to change) before the end of November.

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