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HTML giving statements have been available for nearly two years. In January of this year, in this blog post, we informed you that we will discontinue legacy giving statements and offer only the option for HTML statements. That cut off date will be August 31, 2021. Beginning on that day, all giving statements will use the HTML statement templates.

What You Need to Do

Many of you are already using HTML statements and so no action is required. If you are still using the legacy statements, please review the format of HTML statements and make any desired adjustments. You can enable the new statements by adding the administration setting UseNewStatementsFormat with a value of True. If you have not turned on the new statements by August 31st it will be turned on for you automatically and the default template will be used.

Between now and August 31st, you can switch back and forth between the two formats by toggling the value of this setting between True and False. Standard templates are provided that may provide what you need without any customization. The same header and notice you have been using will continue to work with the new statements. HTML statements provide much more flexibility, so you may choose to customize the templates so that your giving statements provide exactly the information you desire. Some of the administration settings used to modify the older statements are no longer valid. Please see the help article Migrating to HTML Contribution Statements for instructions on how to obtain the same results in the new format.

For more information about HTML statements read here.

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