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Soon it will be time to send out giving statements. If you are new to TouchPoint and have never done this before (or if you simply need a refresher), read below for information about what to do. 

Generating All Contribution Statements

TouchPoint makes it very easy to generate all statements at one time. Click HERE to read about Printing Contribution Statements.

Deceased Donors

Most churches will have donors who have passed away during the year. Out of courtesy for the family, we do not automatically print a statement for them throughout the year. However, at year-end, you may need to print a statement for the estate. We have a help article to walk you through the process of generating these statements. Click HERE to read the help article.

Contribution Statement and Header

If you have not sent out statements before using TouchPoint, be sure that your Database Administrator for TouchPoint has set up the return address for your church  (Statement Header) and the statement blurb (Statement Notice). Click HERE for more information.

Administration Settings for Contribution Statements

The following settings allow you to control what statements to generate and how they appear. These settings can be found by going to ADMINISTRATION > SETTINGS, then selecting the FINANCE tab and expanding the STATEMENTS section.

  • Minimum Contribution Amount — Set the minimum total amount that must be given during the period in order for a statement to be created for a donor.
  • Printing Statements When There Is No Address — By default, statements will not be generated for donors who have no address on their records, but that can be changed with this setting.
  • Printing Names without Titles — Control whether formal titles are used for the donor name(s) or a more informal preferred first name and last name.

Read more about these settings HERE.

Other Options for Statements

Click HERE to read about various other Contribution Statement Options to control the contents of statements, including

  • Check numbers and/or notes
  • Non-tax deductible contributions
  • Fund names or descriptions
  • Fulfilled pledges
  • Envelope numbers
  • Printed date

New this year, all statements are generated using HTML templates. To read about migrating to HTML statements, click HERE. For fuller details about HTML statements, read HERE.

Include a Cover Letter

An example of the flexibility of HTML statements is the ability to include a cover letter with your statements. The letter can make use of handlebar codes (such as contributor name, statement period start and end dates, etc.) and can be printed along with its associated statement. Read more HERE.

One Final Tip

Giving statements can now be accessed via the mobile app (custom or free) and can be the easiest, most efficient way to distribute them. No login account is required; simply an email address to receive the security code, and your donors can access their statements.

You can direct people to their giving history page in the app, which includes their statements, with the deeplink https://mychurch.app.tpsdb.co/profile/giving (where your church database name takes the place of "mychurch"). For more about mobile app deeplinking, read HERE.

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