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We are excited to share some enhancements to the background check process in connection with Protect My Ministry (PMM)! The entire process will be managed on a person’s Involvement > Volunteer tab in the Background Check section.

Now, there will be TWO options for submitting a background check.

  1. Email for Consent: This will email the person needing a background check with a secure link to submit their PII (personal identifiable information) and consent form.
  2. Submit with PII: This will let you enter the required information and submit the background check on the spot!


  1. If you haven’t already done so, establish an account with Protect My Ministry.
  2. Go to Administration Settings > Integrations > Protect My Ministry. Rather than a PMM username & password, all you need is the PMMApiKey.
    NOTE: If you already have an account and are using the PMM integration, TouchPoint will update this for you!

Pro Tips:

    • Reach out to PMM to find out what background check type options are available (including customized options). These options are what will populate the Type dropdown.
    • Go to Administration > Lookup Codes > Miscellaneous > Background Check Labels. These are what will populate in the Label dropdown.
Be on the lookout for these changes coming next week!
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