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Our second release of 2022 is scheduled for early next week. Here's what you can expect to see in this latest deployment: 

Tasks & Notes Enhancements
  • Tasks & Notes Keywords & Extra Questions - You asked and we answered! You can now edit and/or remove Keywords and Keyword Extra Questions whether or not they have any data associated with them. 
  • New Failed Gift Task - Tasks can be automatically created and assigned when a recurring gift fails for the first time. 
  • Date Picker For Notes - It is now easier than ever to backdate a Note!
  • Task Assignment - Tasks can now only be assigned to users with (at minimum) the Access role!
Contribution-Related Enhancements
  • Mass Update Contributions - You can now mass move Contributions to a specified donor and/or mass update the Fund, both from within the Contributions Search page. 
  • Contributions Search Export - Also in the Contributions Search page, you may now add and configure a custom export. 
  • Bundles Page - On the Bundles page (found by navigating to Administration > Contributions > Bundles), we have added a Reference column that will indicate the Reference ID for the respective Bundle. 
Online Giving Enhancements
  • One-Time Giving - We've added a new setting to allow the Notes field to be expanded by default on the One-Time Giving tab. This will help encourage your donors to provide additional information about their generous gift.
  • Recurring Giving - Additionally, recurring givers will see a new option to edit their recurring gift, both for the Fund and amount of the gift, when logged into the giving page. 


Scheduler - Testing, Testing, and more Testing! Scheduler is looking and functioning great! We are hoping to get this in the hands of our beta testers within the coming days. We hope you are as excited about this new feature as we are!


Be on the look out for more blog communication next week with additional details for some of these features. Once these features are live, you can also learn more by visiting our documentation website.

TIP: Check the Recently Updated section to see when we post updates to our help articles! 

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