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For churches that don’t have our custom branded mobile app, our free app has been updated with some additional features. The app now has a similar look and feel to our Custom App profile page. With this update, the free app includes features that would be useful to congregants, in addition to the powerful, role-based tools for staff and lay leaders.

The app has a new logo color and adds the following features:

  • Profile Photo - Ability to view your profile photo and upload a new photo
  • Information - Users can edit their profile information.
  • Translations (Spanish &  Chinese) - If users’ devices are set to Spanish or Chinese, the app will translate into the appropriate language.
  • Giving - Includes summary, detail, and PDF statements for any year the person has made a gift. Also, includes links to make a one time gift, set up recurring giving, or manage giving statement preferences.
  • QR Code Attendance - Staff and lay leaders can now take attendance by scanning a user’s QR code, creating a quick, contactless way to mark people present. Users can access their personal QR code in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Quick Sign-in with Email - Users no longer need a username and password to log in. They can simply enter their email address and a six digit code will securely be sent to their email to complete the login. 

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