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We've teased you for a few days on this new feature, so here's all that you need to know about TouchPoint's new Check-In Dashboard! We are excited to announce this new feature that will assist with room capacity monitoring and management.


  • The Check-In Dashboard works hand-in-hand with Web Check-In and allows for real-time monitoring of room attendance numbers as compared to capacity.
  • Anyone with the CheckIn role will be able to access the Check-In Dashboard, found under the Reports Menu > Attendance Summary > Check-In Dashboard. 
  • For a Meeting to appear on the list, the Involvement must have the box checked to Allow Check-In; there also must be a Schedule or Meeting for today
  • The Capacity on the Check-In Dashboard comes from the Schedule (found under the Involvement's Settings > Attendance tab). 
  • When a Meeting's recorded attendance reaches Capacity, the Meeting toggles from Open to Closed, and the number of individuals present is highlighted in red to alert you of that status. 
  • You're able to make in-the-moment adjustments, should you need to increase the capacity to allow others to check-in or decrease the capacity and close the Meeting altogether. 

Learn more about the Check-In Dashboard here


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