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Our first deployment of 2022 is happening tonight! January's deployment will be live on all databases this evening (January 10, 2022). Here are some of the top feature updates you can expect to see in this release: 

  1. Background Check Feature Enhancement - Submitting background checks are easier than ever! Check out this blog post to learn all about the updated process. 
  2. Merge Controller - In order to streamline the Duplicate Merge process, we have made an enhancement to the Merge Controller that will simplify the view. Upon accessing the Merge Controller, you will (by default) only have in view the fields that need to be compared. Fields that do not have any data will be hidden from view. You may check the box "Show All Fields" at the top left to view all fields, and this will reveal the empty fields. Read more about the Merge Controller
  3. Tasks & Notes: New Filter - From both a People Record (Touchpoints tab) and the Tasks & Notes Search Page, we have enhanced the Filtering options to include the "Campus" option. Read more about Tasks & Notes
  4. MBT Enhancements - The Ministry By Text (MBT) integration now supports quick sign-in and system messages (such as the Attendance Reminder). Read more about the MBT Integration
  5. Finance Roles Logic - As some Finance-related roles are restricting in nature, you won't want to combine those with a more broad role, such as "Finance." By adding conditional logic, we've made it easy for you to select just the roles you need. The new logic prevents selecting a limiting role in combination with a more advanced Finance role. Read more about Finance roles
  6. Settings Reorganization (Impacting SGF + Family Mapping) - Since the Small Group Finder Map and Family Map use a shared setting, we have combined these two setting sections into one section, called "Small Group Finder Map & Family Map." Read more about Administrative Settings
  7. Impersonation Changes - To increase security, the system will automatically delete the Impersonate Password Administrative Setting each night since this is meant to be used for a temporary purpose. Read more about Administrative Settings
  8. Volunteer Scheduler - We are continuing to make great progress on the Volunteer Scheduler! We expect to be in beta testing very soon. If you are interested in being a beta tester, please email Product@TouchPointSoftware.com


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