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Our latest app update, version 2021.2.3, adds some exciting new features, improves previous functionality, and implements a few minor fixes.

  • Ticketing QR Code Scanner - This feature relates to the new Ticketing event registrations where individual seats/tickets are reserved.  Individual users with the Ticketing role are now able to see a new menu item titled “Ticket Scanner” in the Tools section.  Selecting Ticket Scanner will open a QR code scanner where you will be able to scan tickets for events.  Scanning a ticket will record attendance for the individual who purchased the ticket(s), and scanning additional tickets from the same registration will increase the headcount for the meeting.
  • Sermon Notes Update - Notes now has a cleaner look with increased functionality! This feature is out of BETA and is now available to all churches using the custom mobile app. 
      • To set this up, first create a new sermon series under the Notes section in the app management portal. You can set a location (if your church uses the location capabilities), and the description field may be used to display any information about the series that you’d like to include.
      • Next, create the individual sermons. These can be ordered however you would like, and any future sermons you add will not display in the app until the day before the date set on the sermon. 
      • Then create your sermon outline. There are 5 types of outline fields available to choose from:
        • Text: Title - This is used for text that should appear in bold. An example might be a section header or a question.
        • Text: Quotes - This is used for text that should appear in italics. This is great for adding scripture references or other quotes.
        • Text: Regular - This is used for plain text, without bold or italicized formatting. 
        • Question - These show in regular font (similar to Text: Regular) and allow you to have a fill-in-the-blank space by using {{double curly braces}}. Here is an example: The {{answer}} goes here. In this case the app will draw a line where the {{answer}} is and the line will be the length of the word in the double curly braces. If a congregants selects to “show answers” in the app then the line will be replaced with the word in the double curly braces.
        • Input - This is used for giving the note-taker space in the outline for entering a freeform answer.
      • The last step is to create a new tile or allow users to access their notes from the profile menu. If you use a tile then you have the option to have a tile point to a specific sermon or series.
  • People Search Enhancements
    • Add Contacts to Device - When doing a People Search and accessing an individual’s Details page, you can click the down arrow in the title bar to add them as a contact to your device! (Please contact Support if you would like this feature disabled.)
    • Status Flags - Status Flags are now visible on an individual’s Details page. 


  • New Deeplinks - Churches can now use deeplinking for the new Giving Pages. The format is churchname.app.tpsdb.co/give/________ . You will include your page name as seen in the example image below.


All of these features are available using our Custom-Branded Mobile App. The Ticket Scanning and People Search enhancements are available in the Free (TouchPoint Branded) version of the app as well. 


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