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Our March release is in final testing and we are targeting a release for the week of March 28th. This overview will give you a glimpse of what you can expect.

Check-In Enhancements - There are several changes coming to Check-In: 

  • Adding a photo during Check-In
  • Adding a cell phone number if one does not exist
  • The ability to update emergency contact information for children 
  • The layout for adding a new person, including the ability to select a grade and turn off certain fields in the settings
  • A new concept called Profile Types. All existing profiles will be “Standard” and two new types are being added: “Continuous Admin” and “Scanning”

Check-Out - The foundations of Check-Out are being rolled out, but this feature will not be fully supported until we release the next version of the mobile application. In the meantime, you will see the ability to “Add Authorized” Check-Out people, new fields on the Check-In Dashboard and the Meetings Page, as well as new Admin Settings. We will release more information on Check-Out when the mobile app has been updated.

Check-In Dashboard - Links to the Classroom Dashboard are now available again. In addition, you’ll see a column for “Checked Out” (used with Check-Out); and the meeting location is separate from the meeting title and can be updated on the dashboard.

Classroom Dashboard Enhancements - This dashboard received a total makeover, so it looks and functions better on mobile. You can reset the highlight per person by clicking on a person and marking them as present. You also have the ability to add an optional note that will display on the dashboard for the day. After a person is marked present, you can click on them to see more details, including the person’s parents (and texting them) as well as their authorized Check-Out and emergency contact people.

Standardizing Grade - The Grade field on a person’s record will now be a standardized field, and users will be able to select from a list of grade options from birth to 12th grade and beyond (with high school graduation years being options after 12th grade). This grade field can be mass updated using the “Update Fields from a Tag/Query” tool, and there is a new Search Builder condition for the new field. The old grade field is still visible to give you time to update any records or Involvements. When you’re ready to hide the old field, there is a setting that will allow you to do this. In our next update, there will be a setting that will allow you to set a date for when this field will automatically update each year, so you no longer need to update this as part of the annual promotion process.

Prayer Request Widget - We have created a form that mirrors the mobile app prayer request submission form that you can either embed in your website in an iFrame or link to as a standalone page. 

Task and Note Email Templates - We have made the email templates for Tasks and Notes editable by a user with the Admin role. These emails can be found under templates by filtering for “SystemEmailTemplate.” These templates are live; note that any changes will be reflected immediately.

Extra Values for Business Records - We heard your feedback: we have added back the Extra Values Tab for Business Records.

SMS Updates (MBT & Twilio) - For churches that use our Twilio integration, you’ll notice we’ve combined Quick Sign-In Groups and System SMS Groups for easier management. For MBT, Reply Words will now all be organized and sent from the OTM (one-time message) Group.

Customize “Submit” Button in Registrations - You have already been able to customize the "Finish Registration" button; now you may also customize the "Submit" button. 

One Page Form in Beta - A new registration type of “One Page Form” is now in beta. This is a new feature that provides a clean and simple registration process that can be reused (Allow Re-Register stores answers (from registration questions) in a new way) and also supports some new functionality, such as making the entire registration a donation (this will allow for new giving options where additional questions need to be asked (i.e. memorials, sponsoring, flower purchases in memory of someone, etc). Stay tuned for details on the full release of this feature later this Spring.

Volunteer Scheduler in Beta - We have been doing extensive testing of the new volunteer scheduling tool, and this release fixes a number of items and makes a number of enhancements to the scheduling tool. This should be open to beta testing very soon.


After the release is live, watch out for additional blog posts and updates to our documentation for details on how to use many of the new features.

We will also review these items on the New Features Webinar at the end of the month. 

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