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The day has arrived: you can now quickly assign User Roles to multiple people at once! 🎉 There are two new options under Administration > Batch Actions > Update Fields From A Tag/Query:

  • Assign Role
  • Remove Role

This means you can grant all of your new class leaders with OrgLeadersOnly access with a few simple clicks, or easily give everyone in your Communications department the Design role, or assign your entire staff Access

Update Fields for Tag

Conversely, let's imagine that VBS necessitated additional volunteers be granted the CheckIn role. Once the eventful week is behind you, it's very easy to remove that access with the Remove Role option. 

Multiple User Accounts

Occasionally, people records may contain multiple User Accounts. If this happens, TouchPoint will group these people in a tag instead of assigning the Role to all User Accounts. You may then manage that person individually. Additionally, we have added a new Search Builder Condition, named Has Multiple User Accounts, which will assist in identifying those People records. 


See the Batch Update Fields from a Tag or Query help article for more information about this feature.

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