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We have two enhancements in the way of Mission Trips--one that will allow your participants to raise more money than their goal, and the other that will allow you to change the gateway that processes your Mission Trip transactions. 

Participants Raising More Than Goal

By adding an Extra Value to the Mission Trip Involvement, your participants will now be able to continue soliciting donations, even after they have reached their target amount. In the example below, we are still able to provide financial support towards Lois's trip even though she has reached her goal:


This is the Ad Hoc Extra Value (located on the Involvement's Settings > Extra Values tab) that enables this feature: 


Thank you James from Tenth Presbyterian for this great addition!


Specify Different Mission Trip Payment Gateway

By default, the Mission Trip Involvements will process payments using the same gateway as One-Time Giving. If you have a separate payment gateway for your Online Registrations and you would like to have your Mission Trip Involvements set to process payments using that gateway, you may toggle the setting called MissionTripInvUseOnlineRegGateway to True. This setting may be found by navigating to Administration > Setup > Settings > Features > Registrations

Learn more about Mission Trips here

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