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You may have read a recent blog post about an exciting new feature that we have on the horizon--Mobile App Directories. To provide more clarity for successfully configuring your Mobile App Directories, we’ve assembled some tips below. 

Here are the top 3 things you need to know:

  1. Current settings will be respected, and no new directories will be turned on by default. New Mobile App Directories will only automatically be turned on for those Involvements which already have the setting “Use Directory” enabled. 
    • If “Use Directory” is not enabled on the Involvement when the new Mobile App Directories are released, that Involvement will not have Mobile App Directories enabled. 
    • Prior to the recent update, TouchPoint offered two directory options for Involvement Directories--one that included only Members and one that included the immediate Families of the Members. 
      • If the option for the Member Directory was selected for the Involvement, the Mobile App Directory will simply show the Involvement members’ details.
      • If the Family Directory was set on the Involvement, the family members will be shown on each Involvement’s Mobile App Directory. They will no longer be listed as separate entries.
  2. Only the users themselves and staff members with either the Admin or ManagePrivacy role are able to modify privacy settings. This includes editing a person’s default privacy preferences, modifying an individual’s Involvement-specific permissions, and updating the directory options per Involvement. Privacy settings per person further limit the current directory settings per Involvement. They will not allow for more information to be seen. It’s important to note that the Involvement will never reveal more about an individual than what he/she has set to reveal on his/her Default Privacy Settings or in the Member Dialog Privacy Settings. The Involvement Directory Settings only indicate what may be made visible, if the individual has their settings to allow for this information to be shared.

  3. We recommend communicating to everyone in advance. Before rolling out any new directories, instruct your users on how they can further limit what is shown if they would like. You have time to adjust the Mobile App Directories for your church’s Involvements before this goes live. You can find a new SQL report on your database that will help to ensure you only have directories available that you intend to use. From the Involvement Search > Code Icon, you will see the Directory Enabled report. Once run, the report will list those Involvements with directories at the top of the list. From there, turn off any old or unnecessary directories. In addition to current Involvements, consider setting up Involvements specific to directories that people can opt in and out of (for example: set up a Youth Parents Directory or Members Directory).

Check out this help article for more information on these Privacy Settings


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