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Our next mobile app update will launch in the Apple and Google stores next week for all churches. In this latest update, version 2021.6.2, we have added many great new features, all of which are available in the custom-branded mobile app. Three features (Prayer Request Submission, View Person Details in Tasks, and Settings to Show and Search a Person's Alt Name) are also available in the free version of the mobile app. See our full list of features available with this update below:

  • New Option List Types
  • Availability of the Classroom Dashboard for Leaders
  • Prayer Request Submission
  • Support to View Native Live Streaming
  • Event Tickets Available for Ticket Holders
  • View Person Details in Tasks
  • Settings to Show and Search a Person’s Alt Name

Read below for more details on each of the following new features.

Options Lists

There are now two additional options for lists:

  1. Title & Description
  2. Image, Title & Description

Both of these options are available with or without divider lines. These will help to include additional information in your Options Lists, and adding the image will make them come to life in the app. In the screenshots below, you will see an example of Title/Description with a divider and the Image/Title/Description screen.


Classroom Dashboard for Leaders

We have added the ability for Involvement leaders to access the Classroom Dashboard for each Involvement that they lead. When an Involvement leader is viewing their Involvements, they will see the 3 dots out to the right; after tapping that Involvement, they will see the Classroom Dashboard option available. Tapping this will allow them to access the dashboard for this Involvement.

Prayer Request Submission

We have added the ability to submit Prayer Requests as both a logged in user or as an anonymous user. Prayer Requests are created as Notes by default and an admin has the option (via settings) to have them created as Tasks instead. A logged in user has the option to submit a request anonymously, in which case the request will be attached to the “anonymous user” (defined in the settings). For more information on how to use the Prayer Requests feature in the app, please see our Prayer Requests help article.

View Native Live Streaming

In addition to linking to YouTube Live Streaming or embedding your livestream in a content page or on your embedded website, you now have the ability to link to a native stream using an HLS live stream link. This can be linked in a banner, tile, or option list, using the new type name “Livestreaming.” This is where you can enter the HLS-URL for what is being streamed and can choose when to make the tile or banner visible in your app with the Start/End time and Day options.

Event Tickets 

If your church uses Event Ticketing, users will now be able to view and access their purchased tickets directly within the app. This gives them easy access to the tickets so their QR code can be scanned for attendance. These are found under Involvements where they will see the 3 dots out to the right. After tapping the ticketing Involvement, they will see the Ticketing option available. Tapping that will take them to any future tickets for that Involvement (tickets prior to today’s date will not be displayed). 

View Person Details in Tasks

When viewing an individual Task, you can now long press the picture of the person for the option to View Details. This will take you to that person's details page, similar to how it works in Attendance. This option can be disabled for any user that does not have full access (i.e. OrgLeadersOnly users) by contacting TouchPoint Support. 

Alt Name

The ability to view and search by alt name has been added.  Listed below are the screens in the app where the alt name can be seen or searched by:

  1. Person Details
  2. People Search Results
  3. Attendance (includes Guest Search results)
  4. Directory Page
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