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We have pre-loaded editable email templates on all databases to replace the current system-generated emails. The new templates use the mobile responsive email builder and can be found under Administration > Special Content > Email Templates. Filter for the SystemEmailTemplates role.

The following templates are available now:

  • Confirm Subscriptions
  • Continue Registration Link
  • Default Confirmation
  • Different Email Message
  • Existing User Confirmation
  • Forgot Password Bad Email
  • Forgot Password Reset 2
  • New User Welcome
  • No Email Message
  • Notify Duplicate User on Mobile
  • One-Time Confirmation
  • Org Members Model Send Moved Notices
  • Recurring Gift Failed Notice
  • Recurring Gift Notice
  • Send Link Message

We encourage you to customize and activate these emails for your church today. (Until they are activated, the system will continue to use the default messages.)

  • Customize by adding your own logo, colors, messaging, and branding. Important Note: Do not delete any necessary replacement codes.
  • Activate by removing the word "Draft" from the template title an resave. Important Note: Once you remove the word "Draft" in the template name, the template will immediately be activated for system use. Do not change any other part of the name.

Please see the following video for a quick review of the steps involved in customizing and activating a template.

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