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The next version of the TouchPoint mobile app (version 2021.4.5) will be available beginning early next week, pending approval by Apple and Google. If your church uses the custom mobile app, these changes will be released automatically.

The changes include the following:

Newly-updated Tasks & Notes

You've heard about the rebuilt tasks and notes features in TouchPoint. Now we have updated the mobile app to complement these new features.

In addition to an improved user interface, we have now provided staff and lay leaders with the ability to add a task or note for a person on the fly by using the people search.

We invite you to try it out to see how easy it is now to add notes as well as to create and manage tasks.

Mobile support for the Person Validation Script

For you who have been using the Person Validation Script that was released earlier this year, the mobile app now supports this feature. Whether someone is creating a new user record or a guest is being added via the attendance function, you can now control which fields are required.

This script also makes sure the required fields are included if a record is being updated in the mobile app, helping to ensure clean data.

Even if the person validation script is not being used, now when creating a record there are new minimum requirements of first name, last name, and email address.

Re-architected loading of person images for increased performance

As people's images become more important for directories, notes, pre check-in and other features, we've re-designed the way these images are stored and accessed to ensure fast, secure and reliable performance.

Other minor changes

  • D-Groups home page and resources changes
  • Additional translations
  • Menu changes for MyData users
  • Fixes to directory lists
  • Fix for editing titles and other fields
  • Other minor bug corrections

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