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Email Replacement Codes are a great way to easily tailor the information for each recipient without having to compose a separate email to each person individually. The current Email Replacement Code {recurringsummary} is helpful for providing the donor with information via the confirmation email. The donor will receive the fund name, frequency, amount, and payment information for the newly configured giving schedules.

We have introduced a new replacement code {recurringsummaryall} which provides the same details as the {recurringsummary} across all giving schedules, not just those that have been newly established. They already have this information available to them from within their profile and on the giving page; now they may access it from their inbox as well. 

To modify the online giving email templates, navigate to Administration > Setup > Special Content > Email Templates, and filter by the GivingEmailTemplates role. From there, you will see the Recurring Giving Setup and Pledge Setup Confirmation templates, which is where you will find the {recurringsummary} codes (if you have retained the codes in the templates provided by TouchPoint). Simply change that replacement code to {recurringsummaryall} and save the template to use this new replacement code. 

Read more about email replacement codes here

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