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October's deployment will be live on all databases tonight (October 25, 2021). Over the next several days, be on the lookout for more detailed communication (via blog posts and documentation) about these features and enhancements.

Here are some of the top feature changes you can expect to see in this release:

  1. Task & Notes - This feature is officially live for all churches. We are continuing to release enhancements and update the menus, toolbars, settings, and lookup codes to remove language for the legacy Tasks & Contacts.
  2. Geographic Regions Beta - This new feature will allow you to set your own geographic regions in a mapping tool (like Google Maps). You can then upload a KML file (provided by the mapping tool) to TouchPoint to see which geographic region your congregants live in. You will also be able to view your people overlaid on a google map. This requires a Google Maps API to be entered in the Admin settings to use. 
  3. Volunteer Scheduler - We are continuing to make great progress on the NEW Volunteer Scheduler that will be available later this year. New features and functionality related to this feature are being released behind the scenes to be tested in production.
  4. API Updates - New API endpoints have been released (as well as updates to existing APIs) to support new features that you will hear about in a future mobile app release.
  5. Ticketing Discount Codes and MyTickets Page - A new Discount Code type has been created for Ticketing events, and a page has been created to display all future tickets to an upcoming event for a user (with new pre-authenticated SMS and email links).
  6. Bug Fixes - This deployment also includes various bug fixes to improve the user experience and keep your database running smoothly. 
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