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We made some important enhancements to Pledges recently! 

  • If you are using the Donor Covers Fees feature on the new Giving platform, the Fee will not count towards a donor's pledge total. For example:
    • Sally makes a pledge of $100.00 towards the Building Fund.
    • Sally then gives $50 to the same fund. 
    • She selects to cover the fee associated with her donation, making her total gift $51.25. 
    • The fee does not reduce the amount of Sally's balance. Sally's pledge balance for the Building Fund remains $50.  
  • Secondly, there is now a checkbox on the Edit Fund Page called "Available For Pledging." This allows a Fund to appear as available to receive Pledges in the Online Giving pages. The "Pledge Fund" checkbox still tells the system to treat a Fund as a Pledge Fund and to track Pledges made towards it. Checking the Pledge Fund box allows a Fund to appear in the Giving Page Footer, in Statements, in the Pledges Report, and on the person's Pledges Tab; it also allows for a Pledge Fulfillment Report to generate. New Pledges are not able to be made to the Fund via the Online Giving Pages without the "Available For Pledging" box being checked.

  • Lastly, there are a few important changes regarding Recurring Pledges
    1. There is a new setting on the Edit Fund Page called "Pledge Start Date." This is where we indicate when a particular Fund may begin accepting Pledges. If a congregant sets up a recurring pledge to a Fund with a Start Date configured, the new pledge will not start calculating until the Start Date.
    2. If a donor is married and both spouses have their giving statement preferences set to Joint, Recurring Pledges will now also appear on the spouse's giving record. The same goes for the Giving Page. Both spouses will be able to see each other's pledges in the Pledges Summary section as well. 
    3. Recurring Pledges will now be added on the following frequencies, regardless of when the users set up the pledge:
      • Weekly - The next Sunday and every Sunday thereafter
      • Biweekly - The next Sunday and every other Sunday thereafter
      • Twice Monthly -  The next 1st or 15th (whichever occurs first) and every 1st & 15th of the month thereafter
      • Monthly - The 1st of the next month and every 1st of the month thereafter
      • Quarterly - The next 1st of the quarter (i.e. Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, or Oct 1) and every 1st of the quarter thereafter
      • Annually - The 1st of the next month and then on Jan 1 thereafter

Click here to read more about Recurring Pledges. 

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