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We have remastered some important components of Online Registrations! 

New Payment Page

Our sleek new registration payment page gives our partner churches and end users new functionality: 

  • Registrants may have multiple payments saved. This saved payment information is pulled from previous registrations or from their Online Giving profile. This also works the other way around: a giving profile will have saved payment information if the registrant has completed an Online Registration requiring payments. 
  • Registrants can also add additional payment methods and edit them at any time. 
  • In addition to being able to allow Discount Codes per registration, churches may also optionally allow the registrant to cover the service fee associated with processing the payment (per registration). 


Shell Dropdown

It is now easier to choose a Shell for your Online Registrations! Instead of typing the Shell's name into a text box, you will now be provided with a dropdown list to select from. If you use our Giving Pages, this will look familiar to you. Any Shells that have already been created should appear in this dropdown list, having been assigned the keyword of "shell." 



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