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To provide advance communication about our new features and enhancements, we're including our release notes for the next deployment below.

Be on the lookout for more detailed communication (via blog posts and documentation) once these releases have been made available. The first June deployment will be the night of Monday, June 7th June 14th

Here are some of the top feature changes you can expect to see in the next release:
  1. SMS Compliance Messaging / Subscription Management. SMS Groups will become subscription-based, so users may be opted in, opted out, or neither. New Search Builder Conditions will identify those who are subscribed or have opted out per SMS Group. We will also see Default Reply Words per Group. Read more here
  2. Mass Delete Communication Options. We are updating the Batch Actions to include mass deleting cell phone numbers and email addresses. 
  3. Require Fields on Person Creation/Edit. You may optionally enable a new setting that will require certain fields be complete when a new people record gets created and/or edited. Furthermore, you may specify which fields are required!
  4. Copy User Roles. You read that correctly! Admin users will be able to copy and paste roles to other users who may serve in similar roles at the church. 
  5. Field Name Validation. You will be able to ensure proper data is being entered in the corresponding field. A date, for example, may not contain letters. A name may not contain numbers. You may enable this feature in your Administrative Settings. 
  6. Last Login. Those with the Admin or Manager role will be able to easily identify when someone last logged in by visiting the Person's People Page > Personal tab. You will see "Last Login" along with the date and time for both mobile and web. 
  7. Specify Which Involvements Appear in Mobile App. Using Lookup Codes, you may restrict (by Involvement Type) which Involvements appear in the Mobile App. 
  8. Web Check-In Updates. Classes will appear chronologically when searching for a new class to add or visit. We have added a new optional setting which will restrict the results to identify the Admin PIN, Logout PIN, or EV PIN versus a partial phone number match when less than 7 digits have been entered on the keypad. 
  9. New Payment Components for Online Registrations. For a more seamless user experience, the payment components you have become familiar with from our Online Giving Pages are now being used in Online Registrations.  Registrants will be able to store multiple payment methods. Registrants will also have more visibility into the breakdown of the fee, including service fees and any discount codes applied. 
  10. Registration Shell Setting Update. When configuring your Online Registrations, you may now specify the Shell by way of a dropdown selector instead of a freeform text box. 

Stay tuned to our blog for more details once these new features have been made available!




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