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Here are the release notes from our September release, which is now live on all databases. Be on the lookout over the next several days for more detailed communication (via blog posts and documentation) about each of these features and enhancements.

Here are some of the top feature changes in this release:

  1. Classroom Dashboard - If you’re using our Check-In Dashboard, you’ll be excited to learn we’ve created a Classroom Dashboard (linked from each involvement in the Check-In Dashboard) to add even more functionality and control to your check-in process. The Classroom Dashboard will allow you to see who is checking in to your classes in real time as well as give you the ability to text a parent with the click of a button.
  2. Changes to the Check-In Dashboard - Along with the Classroom Dashboard, we’ve made a few changes to the Check-In Dashboard. This includes a link to each Classroom Dashboard and the ability to reset the red highlight that appears when someone from the Classroom Dashboard pings the Check-In Dashboard. There is now also a separate column to indicate the total number of leaders present in addition to the total number of members and guests in attendance.
  3. Final tweaks to Tasks & Notes - Tasks & Notes are here! With new features and updated functionality, we hope you’re as excited as we are to have Tasks & Notes available to your staff and leaders. Tasks & Notes Search is located under the People Menu while Tasks & Notes on a People Record are found on the new Touchpoints Tab. Tasks & Notes are intuitive and flexible. You have advanced search options and the ability to search by keywords in addition to the standard search options utilized previously. If you missed our checklist to prepare for Tasks & Notes, you can check it out here. The checklist also includes brief videos to give you and your team a glimpse of what is to come.
  4. Ministry By Text (MBT) Integration - For our churches using Ministry By Text, our integration is live. You will find the settings in the Integrations section of your Administrative Settings. MBT is a great tool for churches looking for shared or unique short code SMS numbers as well as additional features.
  5. Bug fixes - This deployment also includes various bug fixes to improve the user experience and keep your database running smoothly.

We are continuing to make great progress on the NEW Volunteer Scheduler tool that will be available later this year. New features and functionality related to this new feature are being released behind the scenes.

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