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TP Minute Product Updates-3Last week, we blogged about the exciting changes coming to SMS in the form of managing text message subscriptions. To ensure you're set up for success, we're including two tips regarding setup:  

Tip #1: Resolve Duplicate Cell Phone Numbers from People Records. If multiple people records share the same mobile phone number, TouchPoint will not know which person to opt-in when one replies with "START" or "UNSTOP."

  • Identify records with duplicate cell phone numbers using this SQL Report.
  • Be sure to remove the cell phone number from the children's/spouse's records (whomever it doesn't belong to). This is simple with the Update Fields from a Tag/Query, found under Administration > Batch Actions


Tip #2: Configure your Twilio Account for 2-way Text Message Communication. Watch this 2-minute video to ensure you haven't missed anything, including paying attention to the Webhooks. 


The changes are live! Go check 'em out!

Read this blog post and the following help articles for more information: 

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