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Attendance Reminders are a great option for your class leaders. These emails and text messages get sent to your leaders 15 minutes before the class begins. Check out the video below: 


How It Works

TouchPoint checks every 15 minutes to see if any classes are about to meet and if they have the setting in place for sending these messages. For those classes, TouchPoint will send a text (or email) to the leaders. This will serve as a great reminder for them to record attendance.

If the leader doesn't have a cell phone number listed in TouchPoint or has not opted-in to receiving text messages, the system will send an email instead. The email will contain the same link. The text messages are hard-coded, but the email may be customized in the Special Content. Look for the template called Attendance Reminder Email. 


Read more about Attendance Reminders. 

For personalized help setting up your Attendance Reminders, reach out to Consulting@TouchPointSoftware.com


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